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Groups & Workshops
LIFEforce groups and workshops are interactive, informative, and inspiring.

Groups and Workshops

LIFEforce Counselors are licensed professionals who offer groups, workshops, conference lectures, human resources seminars and keynote addresses on psychologically-relevant topics, including:


Managing Stress Before It Manages You with Dr. Montenique Finney: This presentation helps participants understand stress and provides them with practical and effective tools to reduce and manage their stress.

Battling Burnout: Understanding Burnout Causes, Consequences and Cures with Dr. Montenique Finney: This presentation provides participants with valuable information about the stages of burnout as well as strategies for burnout prevention and recovery.

Assertiveness: Saying No Without Feeling Guilty with Dr. Montenique Finney: This presentation describes assertive behaviors and helps participants increase their comfort level with the use of assertive communication.

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