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LIFEforce Philosophy

LIFEforce Counseling Center exists to create a positive, relaxing atmosphere that inspires adults to achieve their goals in therapy and in LIFE. This mission is achieved by collaborating with clients as they journey through the four steps of L.I.F.E. counseling:

LIFEforce clinicians begin counseling by helping clients deeply understand who they are, where they come from and how their experiences, interests, abilities and needs contribute to their current circumstances.  Our belief is that before clients can change who they are, they must first understand how they came to be who they are.  This requires clients to be active and eager participants as they work to understand and then move forward in the journey called LIFE.

LIFEforce clinicians are highly trained in traditional and ground-breaking therapies to open all possible mental, physical, emotional and spiritual blocks which impede the fullness of LIFE.  We help you dissolve these blocks with compassion, support, patience, and perseverance.   We help hold the light for you as you negotiate the sometimes painful and challenging feelings and situations that have kept you from living your best LIFE.

LIFEforce clinicians understand that information without LIFE application often leads to disappointment and decreased motivation. That is why we emphasize the importance of implementing effective strategies to improve daily functioning in every area of LIFE. It is one thing to have a theoretical understanding of what might be causing your unhappiness, it is another to actually achieve long-term results from therapy. Only by gradually peeling away layers of distorted thinking and feeling can you successfully function in LIFE.

LIFEforce clinicians believe clients can maintain their therapeutic gains by emerging out of the mire of old wounds and pain and into a LIFE full of hope, joy and connectedness.  Some therapists focus on identifying labels for the difficulties in life without helping clients discover the pathways for healing and transformation.  We support the fullness of you as a total being – spirit, soul and body.  By honoring you in this way, we believe you will unify the parts of the Self that have been wounded and emerge into a fully integrated and loving being that lives on purpose!