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About Beth
Outside of work, Beth spends her time with her husband and son.  She enjoys yoga, meditation, and hiking.

Beth Holt Wright

Cell: 540-815-7886

Beth Holt Wright, LCSW BCD
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Board Certified Diplomat
Certified Clinical Supervisor


After graduating from the University of Richmond in 1994 with my BA in Psychology and English, I completed my masters in Social Work at the University of Georgia in 1997. I have been licensed as a clinical social worker by the Department of Health Professionals since 2000 and was nominated by peer review to be a Board Certified Diplomat through the American Board of Examiners in 2011. I offer clinical supervision for masters level clinicians working towards licensure and consultation to therapists who are starting private practice. I also practice holistic psychotherapy with adults and couples. I accept private pay and most insurance plans including Anthem, Healthkeepers, Value Options, Optima, Cigna, United Healthcare, Tricare, Medicare and Aetna.

I have been practicing psychotherapy in acute and outpatient mental health settings in Georgia and Virginia for over 15 years and specialize in trauma/abuse, depression, anxiety, social phobia, body image concerns and marital and relationship issues. I am certified in IBCT (Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy) and am pursuing my EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) certification. I have been trained as well in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy); Hakomi, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and other body centered therapies; Psychodynamic, Dream Analysis, Behavioral and Humanistic therapy models.


No matter what brings you to therapy, I adhere to Carl Jung's premise that every client is unique and needs individualized treatment in therapy. The first few sessions of therapy involve thorough assessments of past and present issues including information about your family of origin as well as your current struggles. The key to the assessment stage of therapy is examining how your core beliefs about life and the subsequent painful emotional states are rooted in childhood or early life circumstances and repeat over time.

The treatment phase of psychotherapy involves helping you develop insight into your unmet needs, distorted beliefs, unhealthy patterns of behavior, defenses, feelings and longings then make incremental changes in your life. This is the process of becoming aware or conscious. Often in sessions, I will help you access more of what is hidden from your conscious awareness but lies dormant in your unconscious. The unconscious is the place where some of the more difficult inner conflicts reside. It is also the place that holds the greatest potential for lasting change. The unconscious can be accessed through dreams, meditation and the body. Once you begin to understand more of your unconscious behavior and feelings, your authentic Self can emerge with all of its healing power. Once you access your deepest Self, you can begin to live happily and effectively in the world--despite outer circumstances.


Depending on which therapy model is right for you—and oftentimes this is a compilation of therapies—the ultimate goal is helping you decrease suffering and obtain greater acceptance and fulfillment in life. Despite the discomfort and challenges inherent to psychotherapy, some of the possible gains from treatment might include the following:

~ a greater acceptance of life as it is
~ fewer addictive and compulsive behaviors
~ increased sense of worthiness and self-esteem
~ a greater desire to be independent and self-supporting
~ an increased sense of happiness, less anxiety and depression and diminished shame
~ a more balanced view on life and relationships
~a more compassionate view of your body
~ an increased ability to be assertive and emotionally expressive
~ a greater ability to form meaningful and loving relationships with yourself and others
~ more productivity at work

Thank you for visiting my website and feel free to call for more information or to schedule an appointment.